Wordle Puzzle on Thanksgiving Day Tipped Me Off

Why would the NY Times monkey with greatness?

Anne Emerick


Photo by Andrea PiacquadioOn Thanksgiving Day I noticed the answer to Wordle was ‘FEAST.’

‘Huh,” I thought. “That’s a weird coincidence.”

“No, that can’t be a coincidence!”

A quick internet search found my suspicions were correct. “NY Times Announces Changes to Wordle.” The big difference is that a human being chooses the word of the day, not a computer. Which is how the Thanksgiving day word ended up having a Thanksgiving theme. The answer was ‘FEAST.’

I don’t like the change. I don’t want to guess the word a person would choose.

What’s next?

‘Santa’ on December 25th?

‘Smooch’ on February 14th?

Oh, wait ‘smooch’ is 6 letters. Maybe 6 letters instead of 5 will be the next change. I mean who knows where this craziness will stop!

When the NY Times purchased Wordle from its creator, they agreed to keep the game unchanged and also free to play.

So if they changed it, will they also renege on the agreement to keep it free?

I wish the Times had given some reason why they were adding an editor and inserting a human being into the process.

Do I sound like a total nerd and grump?

As they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix-it.”



Anne Emerick

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