What Happened When I Posted 30 Times in 30 Days

Originally, I was aiming at doing this in November, but I shifted to my most productive 30 day window, which happened to be November 9 thru December 8th.

I wanted to do this to …

· Improve my writing productivity.

· Increase the newer content on Unemploymentville.com

· Motivate myself to complete any articles/posts that were in draft state

· Earn some money from Medium payouts or people purchasing my books after reading my articles

· Just see if I could stretch myself with a pretty ambitious goal

Achievement — The most important part of achievement is setting a goal. You have to spell out what you want to accomplish and when. My first step was to declare ‘I’m going to post 30 times in 30 days” (notice I did NOT say once a day).

Buddy — The best way to increase the odds that you achieve your goal is to tell a supportive buddy about it. Supportive in that they will believe you can do it, but not someone who blindly believes all that you tell them. We don’t want your accountability buddy to agree with you that you HAVE to give up because the kids got sick and you worked an extra shift and therefore you can’t POSSIBLY make what you had planned happen.

Collaboration — Team up wherever possible. I decided ‘Posting 30 Times in 30 Months’ meant publishing a post on a blog I owned OR publishing a post that I wrote on a blog/website that I don’t own. So, if I published a guest post on Unemploymentville.com that counted. This forced me to start to look more seriously at guest post offers and I found a few responsive folks who supplied 3 of my 30 posts for me.

Dig Up the Drafts — you know those drafts you wrote that needed polishing? It’s a lot faster to push them through to completion than to start from scratch. Who knows why we abandon so many projects half-done. I do know, as a species, humans do. We get interrupted or stuck on one part or kind of lose interest and we never return. I live with a lot of half-done home improvement projects and a hard-drive of ideas started. I know it isn’t just me that leaves things part-way done. To get 30 posts in 30 days meant I pulled out a couple of rough drafts and FINISHED them.

Effort — It took a lot of effort to get to 30 posts in 30 days. I have become a fan of shorter hard efforts and then evaluating whether to continue in the same direction and speed again, or adjust. Effort is easier for modest amounts of time. (If ‘effort’ is ‘easier’ isn’t a contradiction in terms.) But you don’t achieve anything without some serious effort somewhere along the way.

Fun — Make some of the posts just for fun, such as this one I wrote about having too many acorns. These often can get written very Fast as well. Part of this is letting go of the striving for perfection. Not every thing one writes must be award-winning. What surprised me was that when I went to publish that post, Medium suggested ‘Humor’ as one of the tags despite it not being a tag for any other of my articles. Perhaps the word ‘gazillion’ tipped them off?

Goal — The most important part of achievement is setting a goal. (Wait, did I use that one already?)

Commenting matters — I sometimes gained a number of followers or claps from writing an intelligent or humorous comment on articles of writers with many followers

Momentum builds slowly, but if you pay attention to opportunity, momentum happens.

What do I mean? I wrote 4 or 5 articles on Medium that very few people took any note of. A giant waste of time? Not really, because those articles made it far more likely that when I applied to write for Medium publications, I would be accepted. Now one of those publications, Live Your Life on Purpose just published an article that IS getting a fair number of views and claps.

Another example: Roz Andrews was one of the people who guest posted on Unemploymentville in my crazy month of posting. While that might have been the beginning and end of our collaboration I noticed in her ‘About the Author’ section that she ran a publication, Small Steps, on Medium. Looking at the articles on Small Steps gave me an idea for another post. We now have collaborating in PEOD, which brings me to my final lesson of posting 30 times in 30 days.

30 Posts in 30 Days is too much and I’m now aiming to try PEOD — Posting Every Other Day — in the month of January. I think the OFF day is important to allow one to read, enjoy, comment on what others have written, learn something new that may improve your writing strategy or just enjoy all the world has to offer (including family) that does NOT include writing.

And for my motivations for the 30 Posts in 30 Day Challenge, I achieved them all except for earning any significant amount of money.

I paid more for the guest posts than I earned in either Medium or book sales — but…. I realized that is only true if you include the amount earned to-date. It is certainly possible that future readers of the posts, which will remain online, might eventually purchase a number of books and…

of course my books are so awesome that they will tell their friends who will buy more books and…. well, you get the idea 😊

About the author: I write and think often about achievements, successes, failures, including an audio book: Quotes for Achievement, and my newest book is meant to inspire underemployed or unemployed folks with both practical tips and personal stories. Out-of-Work to Making Money, 21 Comeback Stories Every Job Hunter Should Hear is currently available on Amazon and Audible

Programmer by day. Author by night. As I put on running tights, I imagine I’m a superhero. Creator of Unemploymentville.com. More on me: https://bit.ly/3tITsb1

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