Sunrise, Sunset, Can You Tell the Difference?

Do you know which of these photos is a sunrise? and which is a sunset?

Sunrise or Sunset?
Sunrise or Sunset? (answer to be revealed later)

I was concerned that the image I had chosen for Out-of-Work to Making Money, 21 Comeback Stories Every Job Hunter Should Hear — meant to symbolize a new beginning, could in fact be a sunset and wouldn’t that be the opposite message from what I wanted, like people being sunset-ted. But I was pretty sure people interpreted the image combined with the word ‘comeback’ as a sunrise and feedback from potential readers confirmed this. Still unsure I researched, how can someone tell, just by a photo whether you are looking at a sunrise or a sunset?

The short answer: you can’t. In general sunsets are believed to have more diffuse colors caused by more dust and pollutants being stirred up in the air, but this is a general rule. No single photo without any context around it can clearly indicate if you are looking at a sunrise or sunset.

So… I promised you an answer on the two photos above. According to the tags and filenames used by the photographer (Free-Photos at Pixabay), the top two gorgeous images are both sunsets. No matter we can be inspired by their beauty regardless of whether it came at the start of the day or towards the end.

And maybe that’s a good fit for a book about being out-of-work, since how you will perceive the experience of being-out-of-work is greatly affected by your expectations.

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