So reading time in a person or publication's feed doesn't earn money? or isn't counted as reading time?

I appreciate you trying to inform Medium writers about the rules for getting paid but I think there is still A LOT of confusion and frustration.

I have one article that has twice as many Fans as it has Reads. How is that possible? Fans are people who clap, correct? And that can only happen on the story page? And Reads is people who stayed on the story for some minimum amount of time? What is that amount of time, because I don't understand how more people are clapping for my story than are 'Reading' it. Trust me, they are not bots or people who are clapping because they know me. I don't have some group that claps for each other stories. I'm pretty sure they are people who have read my story (lowercase r) but somehow haven't 'Read' my story according to Medium.

Is it possible that the software that determines 'Reads' is not working properly?

Finally what happened to my ability to add any formatting to this comment? I don't like it when features quietly slip away in the night.

Would love it if you could answer some of these questions.