Obsessed With Productivity? Is that a Bad Thing?

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I love the idea of getting more things done. Getting my work done sooner, so there is more play time. Getting things done quickly feels good. Knocking off the items on that to-do list. What a rush, right?

But the gurus say, we don’t want to be so busy calculating how to get our work done that we forget to BE PRESENT. We must also focus on what we have in the here and now and not always be in pursuit of something else. But isn’t even ‘being present’ a hyper-awareness of how we are spending each moment in time — a very close kin to focusing on productivity?

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Let’s face it, Americans (I don’t know about other countries) are OBSESSED with productivity. It’s one of the hottest topics to write about. I realized just how extreme our culture had become when I saw this book,

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Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less on a bookshelf.

Wait, I’m supposed to REST because ultimately that will allow me to do MORE. I can’t just rest REST. I can’t just lay around without expecting a boomerang effect of hyper-focused productivity?

Are you SERIOUS?

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I think the danger of making the most of each second we were given on this earth is it feels like wringing each day for all we can get out of it. Wringing takes effort. It is the opposite of relaxing.

The definition of relaxing (yes, I consult the dictionary a lot) is: reducing tension or anxiety. A staggering number of American’s take medication for anxiety. Another big chunk of us is busy meditating to try and keep from losing our sh*t each day.

Maybe, just maybe, if we want to be less anxious, calmer, more relaxed, we ought to stop cramming more and more stuff into our daily lives by trying to maximize our productivity.

Maybe we ought, to quote The Eagles learn to Take It Easy.

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Someone who believes in REST for it’s own sake. My HERO

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