Missing People — My Search on Create-a-Christmas Card Website

My husband and I were browsing through the holiday photo card options on Shutterfly and I observed the following:

1) We (at least the makers of holiday photo cards) still expect families to look like a Mom and Dad and two or three good-looking kids filled with wholesomeness, like….


The standard Shutterfly family often takes happy strolls in nature, frequently in color-coordinated clothing.

2) Single parents of kids are missing in sample Christmas cards — even though I see them all around me.

3) Some Gay Couples Send Christmas Cards

Our society now acknowledges gay couples exist and celebrate the holidays. However, it seems like the casual Christmas Card shopper is more comfortable with male gay couples (perhaps the Modern Family effect) than women.

4) Are parent/child nuclear family relationships the only ones worth celebrating?

Missing from the holiday card samples were people celebrating relationships of a more general nature. Best friends who visited a foreign country together or hiked to the top of a mountain or visited a sister or college roommate are all missing.

5) Holiday Cards are about celebrating our connections

That’s why I send them. Once a year I touch base with people who matter to me and let them know how we are doing. I hope to hear a bit back about them and a picture says a thousand words, so I’m okay if I just get a photo or two. My worry as we shopped on Shutterfly (and I’m suspicious that other sites are similar) is that some people who don’t fall into the 30-something married with two adorable children category will decide that their lives aren’t holiday card material. That people will feel that their lives are less-than, less than they ‘should be’.

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About the author: Anne Emerick is the author of Quotes for Achievement, No-Work Spanish bilingual audiobooks and a new title, Out-of-Work to Making Money, 21 Comeback Stories Every Job Hunter Should Hear.

Programmer by day. Author by night. As I put on running tights, I imagine I’m a superhero. Creator of Unemploymentville.com. More on me: https://bit.ly/3tITsb1

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