I’ve actually been awed by how well the technical infrastructure has held up. I’ve gotten ‘all signals busy’ sometimes trying to join conferences, but found I could avoid it by starting at 3:15 instead of 3 pm.

I’m sympathetic that your outlet for safely sharing and getting exercise is not the haven you hoped for, however…

There is good news here — that people are attempting exercise. I’m not familiar with any of the bike riding platforms, but perhaps they need to limit signups, just like a ‘real’ road race wouldn’t trying to have 10,000 people riding in a local event. There’s a reason that races limit participants.

And if it’s all the newcomers that are causing problems, then they could have ‘novice’ events and give the seasoned members entrance into some other ones.

I object to the idea that new stay-at-home cyclists are ‘ruining’ your utopia.

Your utopia is suffering from an unforeseen increase in usage. But the people that built that platform were smart enough to create it. I bet they are smart enough to make it adapt. I hope so, as it sounds pretty cool. I just checked and see they have a treadmill version. Here’s to hoping Zwift lives on and it’s growth is healthy.

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