I’m glad someone is at least looking at this issue. There are many good, loving people who would consider adopting a child who never pursue adoption because the steps required are confusing and inconvenient. While others would argue that ‘hey, if you can’t make the effort to adopt a child, how will you make the effort to care for a child from foster care,” I would reply that the 2 sets of skills (parenting vs working through the legal issues) are entirely different.

Foster care training and placement is generally done at the county level of government (at least in NY). And EVERY county that I have dealt with handles it differently. We were considering a move to PA at one point and I looked for information there about adopting out of foster care. I did eventually find one person at one agency who could help me, but you can’t imagine how many Google searches and emails it took me to find that information.

The movie Instant Family included a website InstantFamily.org which gave links to 3 organizations, but none of them actually were actionable items that could lead you to find the training that you need. I could go on all day. Is there some place other than Medium, that you’ll be chatting about this?


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