Anne Emerick

I agree with the commenter below. You do work super hard and as you acknowledge, not everyone can put in those hours - but I understand we could adapt.

I was a bit confused over a few parts.

1) The questions on Quora - do you answer them on Quora and then import from Quora to Medium? Do you answer them on your own blog and then reference on Quora?

2) Were you cramming 3 tasks into that 6 Am to 9 AM slot on top of the breakfast, gym, breakfast? and email might be one of the 3? That seems unbelievably fast to me.

3) So you had step 1, step 2, step 3 all in the same 4 hour time-slot. Are you saying that you just did one of those steps each day for an article and produced an article every 3 days and then began again?

Thanks for the info,


p.s. Although it’s not important for us to know — I am curious, of the $2K income, how much is coming from your blog, from digital products you sell and how much from Medium?

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