Hi Shannon,

I just watched your video where you were describing walking thru Target and the bandages slipping and how you were trying to not get discouraged. And I thought, a bit embarassedly about how I had felt slow and awkward running around the high school track today. I thought of how I had felt so sorry for myself because it was kind of hot today. Geez.... boo hoo hoo Anne, get a grip.

You've written that part of the reason you keep writing about lipedema is to raise awareness of the illness. You may not realize it, but you are also raising awareness of the good fortune that having 2 working legs that move without complication is. You have reminded me to be grateful for my health. And now, as a token way of repaying you for your gift of that reminder. I will go add a bit to my donation to your crowdfunding. And tomorrow, instead of being a big baby when I run, I'll think of your legs and bravery and I'll channel a bit of that bravery and perseverance back into my legs and heart.

Take care.


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