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  • Alex Cooper

    Alex Cooper

    Freelance writer, humorist, and author of two weird books about animals. Top writer in Humor & Satire. Get my books here: https://cutt.ly/dxRNMuj

  • T Mann

    T Mann

    Just a writer surrendering to life through the power of the written word. Content writing, essays, poetry… tmannfreelancewriter.com / thewhimsicalwino.com

  • Darby Days

    Darby Days

    Freelance Writer (Lifestyle, Mental Health, Relationships, Business, and Animals) | Editor-in-Chief — Creatures | CEO — Build Your Voice (BYV)

  • Sean Kernan

    Sean Kernan

    Quality over quantity. That guy from Quora. Enjoy? Follow for more. https://seanjkernan.substack.com/ Open to gigs www.seanjkernan.com

  • Kevin Swan

    Kevin Swan

    Razor sharp wit with a beautiful wife, a cute kid, and ALS. Founded A Life Story Foundation. I type with my EYES!

  • Anne Bonfert

    Anne Bonfert

    I am a traveler. Photographer. Writer. Teacher. Skydiving instructor. Adventure enthusiast. Nature lover. And fell in love with the African continent.

  • Kim Vazquez

    Kim Vazquez

    Puerto Rican writer in a love/ hate relationship with writing. And I’m 90% vegan. (Every once in a while I have a pasture free egg. 😬)

  • Tracy Aston

    Tracy Aston

    I write, photograph, make art. Empath. Wonderer. Inspired by the natural world and all that is good in us. https://tracyaston.com

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