Anne Emerick

First, thanks for a lovely read!

I definitely felt, even still feel, very conflicted emotions about being a Grandma. I LOVE your view of it - someone who encourages others, who listens and supports.

Where I have trouble is the idea that Grandma is viewed so much as the supporting person, never the star. While the world has lots of Grandpa's who are President, CEO, company founders, not so many Grandma's are changing the world. I guess I want to do more than offer chicken soup.

To answer your question, I'm fighting or resisting aging. I want to remain vibrant and active. I've struggled the last few years with knee problems and foot problems that come with aging and if I just accept them, then I will not continue to be a runner. Running has helped sustain me emotionally thru this pandemic and if I am able to run 2 or 3 miles than I'm able to maintain a healthy weight. So it isn't just vanity to resist aging.

Again, great writing, dear honorary Grandma!

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