Dear Shani,

I’m married, an empty-nester and I have 3 Labradors who all love to love. I appreciate each of the creatures who I am allowed to share germs with in a unique way. I also enjoy spending time at home more than my husband does and have a long commute that I now get a break from. I thought that self-quarantining would be a grand adventure and a way to get caught up on home improvement projects.

But I agree that the moment you find out you CAN’T do some of that running around like crazy — shopping, visiting, traveling, seeing people — stuff, it’s easy to suddenly feel kind of lonely and sad. And I instantly thought of my single friends and my 92-year-old mom who had, until Friday gotten out each week to have her hair done, attend church, see a dr, shop a bit. I feel blessed to have more contact in my own life and worry for those who don’t.

This wouldn’t be bad for a week, but for an unknown long period of time? Ouch. Yes, I want my partner, even though he, like another person’s spouse has a tendency to tell me more coronavirus bad news than I’d prefer.

I took a walk yesterday with one of our dogs and caught up with a single-friend on the phone. I found that a nice combination. I was out of the house with a friend, felt very much like meeting her for dinner.

Good luck and as always, keep speaking your truth.

Cyber hug! (even though you don’t know me and might wince at this forced over-friendliness)


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