Baby Steps — Progress is a Wonderful Thing in Any Size

Anne Emerick
May 19, 2022


Baby taking baby steps
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

I hadn’t done any side hustle activity in over a week. The judgmental voice in my head was roaring.

“What happened to writing for 30 minutes every morning?”

“If you’re not writing, why is the kitchen a pigsty? What are you doing?”

A counselor once advised my sister, “Baby steps.” Meaning that’s enough to expect from ourselves.

My sister repeats the advice to me.

I search for an easy win. Maybe a short-form article? Or straighten the kitchen a bit?

While cleaning, I find new items I can move from the counter to a drawer.

“Good job,” I thought, “Looks great. Remember this feeling for motivation tomorrow.”

Baby steps are huge.

Here are some Quotes to Inspire You to Take a First Small Step.



Anne Emerick

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