Anne Emerick

How one founder’s response went from just an idea to a global impact.

Woman’s silhouette by engin akyurt

A 43-year old woman came to see Dr. Arora, a liver specialist at the University of New Mexico. She needed treatment for hepatitis C.

It was 2003. Approximately 30,000 people in New Mexico were estimated to have hepatitis C, a disease that attacks the liver. New Mexico had ONE specialist…

From a runner who drank in all the encouragement offered

This re=creation of a race fan and their sign was created from an image Photo by David Guerrero from Pexels

It was in the early miles of the Philadelphia Half-Marathon that I saw him. A race fan dressed in a Star Wars stormtrooper mask was holding a sign that read, “May the COURSE be with you.” I loved it. …

Catskill Mountains 2021: You Must Look Closely to Find the Orange

View from Kaaterskill Falls overlook platform — Photo by author

The nights are gentle and warm this year.
No killing frosts.
The leaves mostly on the trees.
Greens fading to brown
Just a few turning yellow or red

It’s nice to keep the heat turned off
As oil prices climb. …

How one article upended Andrew Cuomo’s political future

Cuomo at 2015 rally in Albany — Image by WikipediaLover4444 license: Creative Commons

An estimated 7.5 million new blog posts are published each day. You might wonder, “Can anything I write matter? Won’t it just be swallowed up into the ocean of words?” Yet, what follows is proof that ONE article can matter profoundly.

First, the back story

In March 2020, Covid hit New York and Governor…

Three examples and my opinion. Greedy bastards should skip this article

Image credit: saving up for a new camera 📸 i will be glad to donate💲 from Pixabay

‘Social Entrepreneurship’ is a mouthful, right? So let’s back up a second to some simpler concepts.

For a long time, businesses came in just two flavors — non-profits and for-profits. People created non-profits to help others. Other folks created for-profits to make money. But a new hybrid business model, called…

Conquering Power Tools and Building Cool Stuff in Women’s Carpentry Class

Women’s carpentry course instructor
Christina was a great instructor in my women’s carpentry course. Photo by author, used with Christina’s permission

I was trying to use a power drill without success. First, the screw spun round and round, not going in at all. I thought maybe I had the drill turning the wrong direction, so I flipped the switch to change direction. This seemed to make no difference. Perhaps I needed…

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