First Aid for job loss and getting to a better place

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Layoffs, job loss and unemployment can happen to anyone. And they usually leave people feeling pretty crummy. Here are some ideas, well-said, that can help anyone in that situation get in a more empowering frame of mind.

Inspirational Job Loss Quote #1


Where my warped brain went with this innocent question

Image by Martin Webeling from Pixabay

This conversation actually happened

Hubby (standing in another room in the house): Do you know what a Magic Fly is?

Me: Huh?

Hubby: I’ve got a product registration card here for a Magic Fly, but I don’t know what a Magic Fly is. Do you?

Me (walking into the other room, then looking at the card): No

Hubby: Magic Fly, Magic Fly…. I can’t think what that could be, can you?

Me: Well — I can think what it COULD be.

Hubby: What?

Me — pausing, wondering if I should say what has entered my mind. A smile creeps onto my face.

Hubby: What?

I’m lucky, so why don’t I feel that way?

Photo by Andre Mouton on Pexels

I’ve got to write quickly before Pandemic Anne arrives.

These days my brain seems to have two bosses.
1) Positive, can-do Anne
2) Pandemic Anne — also known as sad, pathetic Anne

Pandemic Anne tells me there are already more words written online than can ever be read. She tells me to sit my lazy butt on the couch with popcorn and a glass of Riesling and find something to watch. This is why I must write quickly before she arrives.

I used to consider myself pretty even-keeled and upbeat, but I am far less so one year into lockdown.

Anne Emerick

A programmer by day, author by night. When I put on running tights, I like to imagine I’m a super hero. Creator of Follow me if you dare.

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