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Weird Predictions That Came True. When Billy Mills was twelve his cousin predicted Billy would “do something famous in sports.” Billy wasn’t athletic and thought his cousin was teasing. “No,” his cousin explained, “I read a lot of books about athletes and all the athletes I read about are either poor, orphaned, or people make fun of them; and Billy, all three of those things happened to you!” Fourteen years later Billy Mills would unexpectedly win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

I found this fun fact researching Do You Know Who Billy Mills Is?

Another funny prediction occurred in my junior high yearbook. My class’s Last Will and Testament donated me and another student to IBM. I guess our math skills were considered computer-like. I forgot about it until a friend showed it to me when I started my first job after college — working for IBM.

And I challenge you to do the same

Image: thatsphotography on Pixabay

Labradors licking and wagging their tails
Friends never shy about asking, “What ails?”
Skies filled with color, at morning or night
Dawn’s early breaking full of promise and light

Walking or running, a breeze on my face,
Coming back home to family’s embrace.
The sound of the ocean, a day at the shore
It’s almost dark, but the kids call for more.

Paddling a kayak, gliding along,
Enjoying the quiet or singing a song,
The view from a mountain, a waterfall’s roar
These are all things I simply adore!

Can you write your gratitude list in rhyme? Try it. It’s fun.


A Quote to Live By — Good for Troubled Times

“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high…

Feminists once ‘burned their bras’ — time to banish that scale

Dogs don’t generally weigh themselves and they seem pretty happy. Thinking this was a photoshopped image. Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

I don’t know if you’ve ever done this — started an exercise habit, paid more attention to what you are eating, felt proud of yourself and then stepped on the scale to see if what you’ve done is paying off.

Stop right there.

Why are we looking to a scale…

Hi Julia,

I didn’t intend for the excerpts of your comments to misrepresent your entire comment. I did read your comment (and everyone else’s) in entirety more than once.

I definitely thought that you, as most folks, would consider a marathon extreme. And yes, I recognize that you do support people who push their bodies. I have read your articles about moving heavy logs and the joys of physical labor.

When I am talking about gloating, it is in reference to David’s original premise that people performing at that level are making a point of publicizing it in some way or lording it over others. I really don’t think that’s so.

Until I read a recent David Martin article

If 80-year-old marathoning is a bad thing, some of us have less to look forward to. Photo by Barbara Olsen from Pexels

Silly me, I thought people might like 80-year-old marathoners. But a recent article by David MartinSpare Me Your Stellar Health. I’m tired of hearing from 80-year-old marathoners, opened my eyes.

Martin said he is “annoyed” by a “small group of critics” who respond when he writes about declining…

Most, but not all, people at the Duomo in Milan were wearing masks except for brief moments of taking photos. Image supplied by author.

Quickly, this was my experience traveling in Milan and Rome Italy in December 2021. Please remember that travel and Covid regulations change quickly.

The Decision — Who would go to Italy during the Covid pandemic?

My husband had a business request to go to Milan for 3 days, so his plane ticket and motel there would be paid for. He had been…

Why breaking up with my bathroom scale is the healthiest choice for me

Eager to see your weight on a scale? I used to be too. Image Credit: Press 👍👍 Love you 💖 from Pixabay

The woman in the photo isn’t me, but she could be if I was blond and a couple decades younger. Like her, I have exercised, then nearly naked, stepped on a bathroom scale with trepidation.

What will it say?

Have I done enough? I want some validation of my efforts.

Anne Emerick

Programmer by day. Author by night. As I put on running tights, I imagine I’m a superhero. Creator of More on me:

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