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Anne Emerick

Look at it this way instead

So you had a bad workout. Maybe you took a Cardio Class at the gym and couldn’t even do the “modified” (easier) version of the exercises. Or you went out for a run, and voices in your head kept telling you to “Walk! Walk! Walk!” until you did. Or maybe…

I absolutely refuse to self-identify THAT way.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

“Hi, Roz Warren,” way back in December you wrote, “I’m Old. How About You?”

No, Roz, I will not call myself “Old.”

Old is a category. The next-to-last bucket people get sorted into. I won’t self-identify as “old.”

If I Were Old…. But I’m NOT

If I were to self-identify as “old,” then I’d start reducing my…

Three examples and my opinion. Greedy bastards should skip this article

‘Social Entrepreneurship’ is a mouthful, right? So let’s back up a second to some simpler concepts.

For a long time, businesses came in just two flavors — non-profits and for-profits. People created non-profits to help others. Other folks created for-profits to make money. But a new hybrid business model, called…

Conquering Power Tools and Building Cool Stuff in Women’s Carpentry Class

Women’s carpentry course instructor
Christina was a great instructor in my women’s carpentry course. Photo by author, used with Christina’s permission

I was trying to use a power drill without success. First, the screw spun round and round, not going in at all. I thought maybe I had the drill turning the wrong direction, so I flipped the switch to change direction. This seemed to make no difference. Perhaps I needed…

My tongue-in-cheek resistance to the popular trend

Photo by Ricky Turner on Unsplash

A successful Medium writer suggested I write listicles because they do well and offer structure when you’re stuck on a topic. The suggestion made me wince as if she was suggesting I show more cleavage. Do I really want that kind of attention?

Unaware of my reaction, the writer told…

Does so much time spent running make us selfish?

Running image by Madusanka Dahanayaka. Hourglass by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

I’ve been struggling to write on Medium as much as I once did. When I look at how I spend my days, a big chunk is running. Not just the act of running, but changing my clothes, grabbing my watch, headphones and water, driving to where I run, warming up…

Here are my strategies to feel good about turning 60 and beyond.

Happy Girl with Happy Birthday to Me T-shirt
Image by rosy smith from Pixabay

When I turned 30, I felt okay about it. I was satisfied with where I was in life and saw plenty of open road ahead. On my fortieth birthday, my husband threw me a surprise party and put me back in touch with some old friends. Life is better if…

Programmer by Day/Author by Night

Lover of stories that bring comfort, inspiration or adventure

Me at the bottom of the Grand Canyon (photo supplied by helpful husband)

How I Became a Programmer by Day, Author by Night

I’ve always loved stories. Dr. Seuss and fairytales when I was little and people were reading to me. The Boxcar Kids, the Black Stallion series and books about dogs (because we didn’t have one) when I got older.

I had a pretty tame, middle-class upbringing in the suburbs of Wilmington…

Anne Emerick

Programmer by day. Author by night. As I put on running tights, I imagine I’m a superhero. Creator of More on me:

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